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Haituo electromagnetic induction heating equipment high-frequency heating machine is more energy-saving and energy-saving

The invention of electromagnetic induction heating not only provides greater convenience for our life, but also provides better electrical equipment for some rapid heating in our daily life, such as the commonly used induction cooker.

Electromagnetic induction heater
Electromagnetic induction heater: A heating controller manufactured according to the principle of electromagnetic induction heating.

Electromagnetic induction heating is derived from the electromagnetic induction phenomenon found by Faraday, that is, the alternating electromagnetic field generates an induced current in the conductor, which causes the conductor to generate heat. Since the discovery of the thermal effect of current through the wire, there have been more and more technology madmen in the world engaged in professional research and analysis of the production of electric heaters. In 1890, the Swedish technical engineer invented the first electromagnetic induction melting furnace, the slotted cored furnace; in 1893, the United States appeared the prototype of the electric iron; in 1909, the appearance of the electric stove realized the process of converting electricity into heat; In 1916, the Americans invented the closed-cell cored furnace, and the electromagnetic induction technology gradually entered the practical stage.
Electromagnetic induction heating

Electromagnetic induction heating coil heating working principle

The working principle of electromagnetic induction heating is that the alternating current generated by the induction heating power source generates an alternating electromagnetic field through the electromagnetic induction heating coil, and the magnetic conductive object is placed therein to cut the alternating magnetic field lines, thereby generating an alternating current inside the material (ie, the eddy current effect). The eddy current effect causes the atoms inside the material to move at high speed and irregularly. The atoms collide with each other and friction to generate heat energy, thus the actual effect of heating the object. It is a heating method in which electric energy is converted into magnetic energy to cause the heated steel body to induce magnetic energy and generate heat. In this way, it fundamentally solves the problem of low efficiency of heating by means of heat conduction such as electric heating sheets and electric heating coils.

Energy saving and working principle

In the traditional heating-related industry, the resistance heating wire and the quartz heating method are generally used, and the conventional heating method has a relatively low thermal efficiency. The resistance wire and the quartz mainly rely on the electric current, and then heat the heat after the self-heating. It is transferred to the barrel, which is the actual effect of heating the object. Due to a series of problems such as transmission, the heat utilization efficiency of such heating effect is only up to 50%, and the other 50% of the heat is distributed. It is wasted consumption in the air, and the minimum power loss of all conventional resistance wire heating methods is as high as 50% or more.

However, through electromagnetic induction heating, the electromagnetic field is generated by electric current to promote the heating of the iron metal pipe itself, and the heat insulation material is used to prevent the heat dissipation of the pipe. The heat utilization efficiency is as high as 95% or more. In theory, the actual effect of energy saving can be achieved. More than 50%, but the energy conversion efficiency of electromagnetic induction heating controllers that take full account of different product quality is not the same, and different production equipment and environment, the actual effect of all electromagnetic heating energy saving can generally reach at least 30 %, up to 70% for certain occasions.

Electromagnetic induction heater

1. High-efficiency, energy-saving and rapid heating adopt internal heat heating method, that is, the metal tube inside the barrel is self-heated by electromagnetic induction, and the average preheating time is shortened by 2/3 compared with the heating method of the resistance ring, and the thermal efficiency is as high as 95% or more, and the power saving effect can be Up to 30%-70%.

2. Reduce production cost and improve product quality. The heating part adopts special cable structure, which does not generate heat itself. It can withstand temperatures above 500 °C, and the service life can reach more than 5 years. There is basically no maintenance cost in the later period. Because electromagnetic heating is to automatically heat the barrel through electromagnetic induction, the heat utilization rate is over 95%, which can fully and uniformly heat the raw materials, thereby improving product quality.

3. The reliable and controllable adjustable host adopts the most advanced industrial machine board, microelectronic control, multi-channel intelligent closed-loop system and perfect protection function, which effectively avoids the aging phenomenon of the host and fully guarantees the long-term safety and stability of the equipment. Run.

4. Improve the working environment The surface temperature of the equipment is touched by the human body, which greatly improves the working environment at the production site, effectively improves the production enthusiasm of the workers and reduces the cost of traditional cooling facilities. In the "people-oriented" concept, create a more green, energy-saving, safe and comfortable production environment.
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