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Haitu high frequency brazing machine features introduction

First, high frequency brazing machine

  A high-frequency brazing machine is an induction heating device that connects two metals of the same material or different materials by inducing a current to heat the solder to a certain temperature to melt the solder. Brazing process of high-frequency brazing machine: The surface-cleaned workpieces are assembled together in a lap type, and the brazing material is placed near the joint gap or between the joint gaps. After the workpiece and the brazing material are heated to a temperature slightly higher than the melting point of the brazing filler metal, the brazing material melts (the workpiece is not melted), and is sucked into and filled with the gap between the solid workpieces by capillary action, and the liquid brazing material and the workpiece metal mutually diffuse and dissolve. A brazed joint is formed after cold doubt.

High-frequency brazing machine PMA plasma brazing machine completely replaces traditional brazing equipment, a new generation of brazing equipment without flammable gas. Adopting the principle of IGBT inverter control, the flame is very stable during welding, and the whole equipment is light and convenient, suitable for outdoor welding. The welding machine is easy to operate, and the person who knows the welding machine can do it. No special training is required. This product does not require flammable and explosive gases such as acetylene, and the safety performance is greatly improved. It only takes electricity, and the advantages of using a plasma brazing machine in some underdeveloped areas (no oxygen or acetylene, gasoline, etc.) are obvious. In the welding process, the gas flux can be directly used instead of the traditional manual addition of borax to improve the wettability and fluidity of the brazing, so as to reduce the generation of pores. Improve the tensile strength of the weld, the surface is not oxidized during the welding process, and does not black. No pickling is required, which greatly improves the efficiency of the connection.

Second, the characteristics of high frequency brazing machine

1. High safety factor: no flammable or explosive gas is needed, which guarantees the safety of life and property.

2, energy saving and environmental protection, in the welding process, does not produce harmful gases such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, etc., because of the use of electricity, compared with acetylene, gasoline, oxygen, LPG and other gases, the cost is greatly reduced, saving at least tens of thousands of pieces per month money.

3, high efficiency and low cost: traditional brazing welding temperature is low, high heat radiation, welding costs are high, there is a danger of explosion. The plasma brazing machine can control the flame temperature, the welding temperature can reach more than 2000 degrees, and the stability is high, which is more than twice the welding speed of acetylene. Sustainable welding for twelve hours.

4, easy to carry: Because the entire host weighs only a few kilograms, the volume is also small, do not need acetylene bottles, oxygen bottles, very suitable for outdoor or harsh conditions of work.

The high-frequency brazing machine has excellent quality, humanized design and simple operation. It does not require professional welding workers. After simple training, it can be operated on the machine. According to the current state of the workpiece being processed, timely and precise automatic control can be carried out. Through analog or digital circuit processing, the power or frequency is adjusted to automatically adjust the workpiece heating temperature or depth to meet the process requirements. Induction heating adjustment is relatively fine, usually by adjusting the phase shift, pulse duty cycle and other parameters to adjust the heating power. Once the heating temperature is determined according to the process requirements, it will be kept at this temperature due to its own negative feedback. Achieve constant power control. The temperature uniformity is good, the temperature difference can be controlled at 1%, and the product quality and the pass rate are improved.

   The series of high-frequency brazing machines manufactured by our company are stable and reliable in quality. They are the early manufacturers of brazing equipment in China and enjoy high reputation in the industry of producing household electrical appliances. The new generation of high-frequency double-bottom brazing machine officially adopts this new high-frequency double-bottom brazing technology, combined with the principle of high-frequency induction heating, to special equipment for welding various products in the home appliance industry.
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