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Haitu Steel Tube Quenching Machine

Quenching is a very important process in modern industrial production. Among them, steel pipe quenching machine has a very big advantage and has a very important position. So, do you know what the purpose of steel pipe quenching machine is? Next, let’s take a look at the details. The content.

1, quenching machine

Haituo Electromechanical pointed out that quenching refers to a heat treatment method in which a surface hardening layer is obtained by partially heating and cooling a surface of a workpiece by using a high-frequency current (30K-1000KHZ). This method is only a surface strengthening of the workpiece to a certain depth, and the core portion basically maintains the structure and properties before the treatment, so that a combination of high strength, high wear resistance and high toughness can be obtained. Because of local heating, it can significantly reduce quenching deformation and reduce energy consumption. It is precisely because of the above characteristics that high frequency quenching is widely used in the machining industry.

2, the main purpose of steel pipe quenching machine

Various gears, sprockets, and shafts are quenched. Quenching of various automotive parts such as semi-axles, leaf springs, forks, valves, rocker arms, ball pins, etc. Quenching of various internal combustion engine parts and speed reducer parts. Quenching of machine bed rails in the machine tool industry. Quenching of various hand tools such as pliers, knife cutters, axes, hammers, etc.

3. Construction requirements for steel pipe quenching machine

Construction requirements should pay attention to prevent the intrusion of debris during construction. The model of steel pipe quenching machine avoids the use quality after the later use. Expansion joints and rolling vents shall be reserved during construction. Its main purpose is to facilitate the discharge of water in the body as soon as possible, and at the same time, it can play a certain buffering role, which helps to reduce the cracks and falling off caused by the expansion of the lining after the furnace is warmed up. The molded body after molding should be waterproof, and watering is strictly prohibited. After the completion of the construction, the construction body should be maintained for 7 days under the price adjustment of natural ventilation. The steel pipe quenching machine does not need an oven, and can be directly heated. Summary Refractory fiber plastic is a new type of environmentally friendly refractory plastic. Its superior thermal insulation and high temperature resistance, light weight and high temperature are not deformed. It is highly praised by petroleum and chemical industry, especially in reformer and petroleum cracking furnace. The application has achieved good development.

The use of steel pipe quenching machine, after reading the above contents, do you know what the purpose of the steel pipe quenching machine? In short, Haituo Electromechanical reminds everyone to buy high quality steel pipe quenching machine.

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