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Hairuituo long shaft (tube) type intermediate frequency quenching quenching and tempering heat treatment equipment

Hairuituo long shaft (tube) type intermediate frequency quenching and tempering heat treatment equipment is suitable for quenching heat treatment and tempering and quenching and tempering treatment of large diameter shafts. The depth of the hardened layer can be controlled within the user's needs according to customer requirements. The equipment usually consists of a storage rack, a feeding rack, an intermediate frequency power heating furnace body, a water sprinkler, a tempering heating, a unloading rack, and a loading rack. In addition, according to customer needs, it can be equipped with PLC programming controller to realize automatic control of heating and quenching and tempering.

Hairuituo long shaft (tube) type intermediate frequency quenching quenching and tempering heat treatment equipment

Long shaft type intermediate frequency quenching and heat treatment equipment features:
1. It can uniformly heat relatively large-diameter product parts, with high work efficiency and stable product quality.
2, because it is heated while spraying, the overall deformation of the shaft is very small
3, the heating layer depth adjustment range is relatively large, the equipment power can be made relatively large, customized according to customer customization.
4. It can realize mass production with PLC controller to ensure hardness and stability of hardened layer.

The characteristics of the IF induction heating equipment are as follows:
 1. The heating speed is fast, and the oxidative decarburization is less because the principle of the intermediate frequency induction heating is electromagnetic induction, and the heat is generated in the product workpiece itself. Because the heating method has a fast heating rate, the oxidation is extremely small, the heating work efficiency is high, and the process repeatability is good.
 2, uniform heating, medium frequency furnace temperature control accuracy by selecting a reasonable working frequency to adjust the appropriate depth of heat penetration, to achieve uniform heating, small core temperature difference. Application of temperature control system for precise temperature control
 3, the degree of mechanical automation is high, can achieve automatic unmanned operation using automatic feeding and automatic discharge sorting device, coupled with our company's special control software, can achieve automatic unmanned operation.
 4. Compared with other heating methods, low-energy and pollution-free induction heating has high heating efficiency, low energy consumption and no pollution; all indicators meet the national standard requirements.
 5, the induction furnace body is easy to replace, the small footprint is based on the size of the workpiece of the processed product, equipped with different specifications of the induction furnace body. Each furnace body is designed with water and electric quick-change joints, which makes the furnace body replacement simple, fast and convenient. Long service life The inner lining insulation material is formed by the imported refractory material, without the connection gap of the refractory sleeve (the gap is easy to drop the metal debris and the sensor is short-circuited and fired). Temperature resistance up to 1400 degrees, no cracking, easy to maintain. The service life is longer than one year.
 6. Induction heating equipment and heat-dissipating equipment are usually composed of intermediate frequency power supply, electric heating capacitor, induction furnace body, inlet and discharge transmission device and temperature measuring equipment. When fully automatic control, it also includes PLC programmable controller, man-machine interface or industrial control computer system and industrial control configuration software and various sensors.

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