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General purpose induction hardening machine equipment features and uses

General quenching machines are generally used in industrial production. If you do not touch a chemical plant, you will never see it. However, its role is quite large, as its name suggests, it is suitable for quenching and assisting tool welding.

General purpose induction hardening machine equipment

Quenching machine tools, as the name suggests, generally refer to special machine tools that use induction heating power sources for quenching processes. It has the advantages of high precision, good reliability, saving time and effort. Mainly consists of bed, slide table, clamping rotating mechanism, cooling system, quenching liquid circulation system, electrical control system and so on. Quenching machines are generally single-station (double-station quenching machines can be used for small-diameter workpieces). There are two types of quenching machine tools: vertical and horizontal. The user can choose the quenching machine according to the quenching process. For special parts or special processes, special quenching machines can be designed and manufactured according to the heating process requirements.

High frequency quenching machine

Introduction of high frequency quenching machine tools

Equipment Name: Universal High Frequency Hardening Machine

 Equipment model: HT-CH

 Equipment power: 15-160KW

 Hardened workpiece size range:

  Shaft type: φ10-300mm L: 50-1500mm

  Gear type: φ20-300mm H: 10-600mm

> Scope of application: quenching and tempering of various workpieces, such as induction quenching of shafts, gears, discs and other parts.

General purpose induction hardening machine equipment

The universal high-frequency quenching machine tool product skateboard is driven by a rolling screw, and adopts AC frequency conversion control to realize quenching stepless speed change, which can realize four kinds of quenching speed control. The universal quenching machine adopts programmable logic controller (PLC) to realize various kinds of quenching process control. The key parts of the machine tool are made of anti-rust and anti-magnetic materials. According to the needs of users, special ordering accessories can be supplied at random: medium frequency quenching transformer trailer and hydraulic anti-deformation mechanism.

It has the functions of continuous quenching, simultaneous quenching, segmental continuous quenching, and simultaneous quenching;

· Frequency control system, servo motor drive, ball screw drive;

· It has two cooling methods: immersion liquid and spray liquid, and can be equipped with integrated quenching liquid circulation cooling system;

· Adopt CNC system or PLC touch screen control, no programming, convenient operation, real-time display, can store 126 programs, focus heating→positioning→spraying and time control on machine tool control system, easily realize workpiece positioning, scanning, and pass PLC Connect with the power supply to achieve fully automated production;

· Repeated positioning accuracy, small size, light weight and easy maintenance;

· Customized semi-automatic/automatic induction hardening machine according to customer's requirements.

General purpose induction hardening machine equipment use

The quenching machine cooperates with the induction heating power supply to realize the process-controlled induction hardening process, which is commonly used for quenching and heat treatment of gears, bearings, shaft parts, valves, cylinder liners and various mechanical parts.
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