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Gear high frequency quenching heat treatment manufacturer

Gear high frequency quenching heat treatment manufacturer

First, gear heat treatment

The heat treatment deformation of the high-frequency hardened gear directly affects the accuracy, strength, noise and life of the gear. Even after the high-frequency quenching heat treatment plus the grinding process, the deformation still needs to reduce the accuracy level of the gear. There are many factors affecting the deformation of high-frequency quenching heat treatment. Only by controlling various factors can the deformation be controlled to a small extent. Control gear distortion must also be addressed throughout the manufacturing process of the gear.
Gear high frequency quenching heat treatment manufacturer

Second, the impact

(1) Influence of metallurgical factors of gear materials on deformation

Tests have shown that the hardenability of steel is higher. The deformation is greater. When the core hardness is higher than 40HRC, the deformation will increase significantly. Therefore, there is a certain requirement for the hardenability of steel, and the narrower the hardenability belt is, the more stable the deformation is, the steel mill is required to provide "low, stable deformation" steel. When the A1/N content ratio is controlled within the range of 1 to 2.5, the quenching band can be narrowed and the deformation can be reduced. In addition, the box segregation of the material and the band structure affect the uneven deformation of the gear spline hole and the inhomogeneous quenching unevenness.
Gear high frequency quenching heat treatment manufacturer

(2) Effect of preliminary heat treatment on gear deformation

If the normalizing hardness is too high, mixed crystals, a large amount of sorbite or Wei's structure will increase the deformation of the inner hole, so the forgings should be treated by temperature-controlled normalizing or isothermal annealing.

(3) Influence of high frequency quenching process on deformation

Uniformity of temperature. The uniformity of the carbon layer and the uniformity of the temperature of the cooling medium all affect the gear deformation. At the same time, the higher the high-frequency quenching temperature, the thicker the high-frequency quenching layer. The oil temperature is low and the gear deformation is large. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the equipment, optimize the process, and improve the quality of gear heat treatment.

(4) Effect of quenching on deformation

Quenching cooling behavior is the most important factor affecting gear deformation. Hot oil quenching is less than cold oil quenching deformation, generally controlled at 100 °C ± 120 ° C. The cooling capacity of oil is also crucial for deformation. Stirring method and intensity affect the deformation. The disc gears quenched by the upper quenching press are deformed according to various gears. The parameters of the pressurizing press are adjusted to reduce the deformation, and the pressure of the inner and outer pressing molds and the budding block are adjusted. The amount of fuel injection in the section and the upper surface to control the deformation.
Gear high frequency quenching heat treatment manufacturer

Third, gear heat treatment manufacturers

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