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Does the high frequency heater consume electricity

Does the high frequency heater consume electricity and electricity?

This problem may be a lot of people want to know, because the induction cooker and rice cooker in our life are all heated by high frequency, so energy conservation is also of concern to everyone, plus the machines seen on the website such as Herrento. The start of the high-frequency heating machine is 15KW. If you understand it literally, it will consume 15 degrees of electricity per hour. But in fact, there are not so many in use. To explain the problem, we must first understand what is the principle of high frequency heating. How to heat it


The high-frequency induction heating machine converts the commercial frequency alternating current into an alternating current having a frequency of generally 15 to 200 kHz or higher, and uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to convert the magnetic field of the same frequency through the induction coil to act on the metal in the magnetic field. Physically. Using the eddy current effect, an induced rotating current (ie, eddy current) proportional to the strength of the magnetic field is generated in the metal object. The rotating current is converted into thermal energy by means of a resistor in the metal object. At the same time, there are hysteresis effect, skin effect, edge effect, etc., and a small amount of heat can also be generated. Together, the temperature of the metal object is rapidly increased to achieve rapid heating.

The skin effect of high-frequency current can make the eddy current in the metal object increase with the frequency and concentrate on the metal surface circulation. In this way, by controlling the frequency of the working current, the heating depth of the metal object can be controlled, and the energy can be fully utilized.

Basic structural principle

The basic working principle and structure of the high-frequency power supply: directly convert the externally supplied 50Hz AC power into high-voltage DC power, and then use the power device MOS tube or IGBT to invert the DC power into high-frequency AC power through the LC oscillation circuit composed of the capacitor and the inductor. The frequency alternating current is converted into a low-voltage high-frequency power supply through a high-frequency transformer.

The high frequency induction heating power supply usually adopts the inverter power adjustment mode, and the inverter power adjustment can be divided into three types:

(1) Frequency modulation (PFM). The method of frequency modulation is to adjust the switching frequency of the inverter switch tube, thereby changing the output impedance to achieve the purpose of adjusting the output power. This type of power adjustment is more common, and the advantage is that the adjustment method is relatively simple, and it is easier to implement soft switching. However, the power regulation is not linear and the adjustment range is not large.

(2) Pulse density modulation (PDM). PDM is to control the power by controlling the pulse density to control the average output power. This control method is easier to implement, but the heating effect is not good because it is heated.

(3) Pulse width modulation (PWM). The PWM adjusts the output power by adjusting the on-time of one cycle of the inverter switch. This method is equivalent to the modulation method of the ordinary switching power supply, and the adjustment linearity is good, and the range is large, but it is not easy to implement soft switching.

High frequency heating machine

High frequency heating method,
It converts power frequency AC power into AC power with a frequency of generally 15 to 200 kHz or higher. It uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to convert into a magnetic field of the same frequency through an induction coil, and then acts on the metal body in the magnetic field. Heating does not require electricity. From an energy point of view, it helps me save energy, and the electrical energy is renewable and good for the environment.

So how much does the high-frequency heater need to consume electricity?
This should be considered from three aspects

One machine itself

Early tube high-frequency heating converters have low conversion efficiency. The general conversion energy consumption is less than 60%. Now, the latest third-generation IGBT conversion technology used by Herrento can use the dual-frequency dual-mode technology to achieve 99% electric energy conversion when necessary.

Second, the use of the occasion and the role of heating work

Proper use of machine power with heating suitable workpieces is the main direction of power saving. Unreasonable power matching will cause more than half of energy loss. If you only need 15KW, you can use a machine with 25KW or higher to heat the product. Although the speed will be accelerated at some time, the energy consumption is even worse.

Three useless heating time

Improper operation or the operator is not skilled enough or the heating time is not properly designed. For example, the power of the machine can be processed in the product for only three seconds, but because of some factors processing to five seconds, the time energy and production speed are wasted. .

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