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Countermeasures for deformation and cracking after quenching and heat treatment of axle

Cracking and shape distortion of the axle after heat treatment and quenching are common problems faced by each heat treatment processing enterprise. It is the common wish of all heat treatment people to completely solve the cracking and deformation after quenching.
In order to solve this problem, the basic principle is to ensure that the internal stress of the heating and cooling process is reduced under the premise that the microstructure and properties of the steel after quenching meet the requirements. Pre-cooling quenching, double-medium quenching, fractional quenching, and isothermal quenching can be achieved to varying degrees.

In order to prevent the axle deformation and cracking after quenching, the following measures can be taken:
1. Design level
The shape of the workpiece should be as simple and symmetrical as possible. Try to avoid sudden changes in the cross-section size and do not have sharp edges and corners. Otherwise, the workpiece is not only prone to shape distortion when it is quenched, but also is highly susceptible to cracking.
2. Material selection level
Alloy steels with higher hardenability should be used to cool or stage harden the cooling medium with lower cooling capacity, thereby reducing the internal stress generated during quenching.

3, heating method
Avoid heating on one side of the workpiece. Pay attention to flattening to avoid deformation due to its own weight at high temperatures. The elongated rod member and the shaft member are preferably hoisted and heated in a pit furnace or a salt bath furnace. Large workpieces, high-alloy steel workpieces, and uneven thickness workpieces should be heated in stages or preheated to reduce the heating rate and reduce the temperature difference between the parts to reduce the shape distortion caused by uneven heating. Parts that are prone to shape distortion during cooling such as thin-walled rings are heated and cooled in a suitable jig to reduce shape distortion.
4, cooling level
When the quenched workpiece is immersed in the cooling medium, the parts should be uniformly cooled as much as possible, and at the same time, the resistance of the medium to the immersion of the workpiece should be as small as possible.

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