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Copper melting furnace features and uses

Today's society is developing rapidly, and the industrial economy is advancing rapidly. In the smelting and forging industry, copper melting furnaces are very important. So what is the purpose of the copper smelting furnace? What are the characteristics? This article will introduce you to the copper smelting furnace in detail.

Melting furnace

A smelting furnace is a device that melts an ingot and some scrap metal and adds necessary alloy components to smelt them into a desired alloy through slag, refining, and the like. It can be equipped with different furnaces to melt different metals according to different needs, such as gold, silver, copper, iron and aluminum. The following is a basic introduction to a molten copper furnace in its smelting furnace.

What is the copper smelting furnace and what is it used for?

Copper melting furnace: The main equipment is smelting furnace and refining and purifying furnace. It is generally smelted by medium frequency or high frequency electric heating. Low-cost continuous smelting and treatment process can upgrade low-grade waste copper and be used for manufacturing. Die-casting, rolling and re-smelting ingots for copper parts of mechanical parts. Alloy furnaces: The purpose of advanced waste miscellaneous pretreatment technology is to achieve mechanization and automation of waste miscellaneous sorting to minimize metal impurities and Non-metallic impurities, and the waste miscellaneous can be effectively sorted according to the alloy composition, which can reduce the impurity removal technology and the difficulty of adjusting the composition during the melting process, and can comprehensively utilize the alloy composition in the scrap copper. The cast homogenization furnace: The quality of the copper profile is controlled by the way of controlling the alloy composition of the copper ingot. The advanced proportional heating temperature control system is adopted, the temperature difference is small, the casting adaptability and composition segregation of the copper rod are completely eliminated, and the plasticity and strength of the alloy are greatly improved.

Simply speaking, the medium-frequency high-frequency melting furnace is mainly used for smelting, melting and purifying copper materials such as brass copper and copper scrap.

Copper melting furnace
What are the benefits of a copper melting furnace?

The main advantages (advantages) of copper extrusion into a furnace are twofold: reducing oxidation and improving furnace smelting efficiency. This is a key consideration for refining (especially vacuum refining) processes.

1. Reduce oxidation

Copper (or electrolytic copper) is refined in the furnace to be refining to reduce oxidation. The alloying elements (alloys) to be added may also be wrapped therein to be simultaneously melted together. Avoid adding too much oxidative waste alone.

2. Improve furnace chamber melting efficiency

The extrusion block method adds the charge to compact the material and improve the melting efficiency. Especially vacuum melting, only one-time loading. This issue is very important. Thereby improving production efficiency. Energy saving.

The above is a detailed introduction to the copper melting furnace.
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