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Common quality problems and causes of induction heat treatment

The induction heating heat treatment is a heat quenching annealing heat treatment process based on forming an induced current on the surface of the workpiece to rapidly heat the surface of the workpiece. The main advantages of this process: the surface hardness of the treated workpiece is high, the wear resistance and fatigue resistance are good, the deformation is small, the production efficiency is high, energy is saved, and no pollution is caused. Induction heating treatment usually includes round steel (tube) quenching and tempering, gears, bearings, shafts, guide wheels, drive wheels, roller surface quenching, piston rod quenching, pin shaft quenching and tempering, long π beam adjustment Quality, live column conditioning, etc.
Inductive heating heat treatment is more common product quality problems: dry cracking, hardness standards are too high or too low, hardness is not uniform, hardness layer is too deep or too shallow. The root causes are summarized as follows:
Common quality problems and causes of induction heat treatment

1. Dry cracking: heating temperature is too high, temperature is not uniform; cooling is too fast and uneven; quenching material and temperature selection are unscientific; heat treatment tempering is not timely and heat treatment temper is not enough; raw material permeability is high, composition segregation,瑕疵, containing excessive impurities; the design of the workpiece is not scientific.
2. The hardened layer is too deep or too shallow: the heating output power is too large or too low; the power supply operating frequency is too low or too high; the heating time is too long or too short; the raw material permeability is too low or too high; the quenching material temperature, The pressure and composition are unreasonable.
3. The surface hardness standard is too high or too low: the carbon content of the raw material is too high or low, the surface layer is decarburized, the heating temperature is low; the heat treatment tempering temperature or the holding time is unscientific; the quenching material composition, pressure and temperature are unreasonable.
4, the surface hardness standard is uneven: the structure of the induction heating coil is unscientific; the heating is uneven; the cooling is uneven; the raw material structure is abnormal (segregation of the strip structure, local decarburization); the workpiece is abnormal in the position of the induction heating coil.
5, surface melting: the structure of the sensor is not scientific; the workpiece has sharp corners, holes, grooves, etc.; heating time is too long; the surface of the raw material has cracks.

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