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Cold spray cooling type rack high frequency quenching machine

Rack high frequency quenching machine is a medium frequency induction heating device. It is mainly used in high frequency quenching heat treatment of hardware tools and high frequency quenching heat treatment of shaft. The process of this equipment is cooled by spray cooling. If you are interested, you will follow the sea. Let me know about it!

Spray cooling

The semi-automatic operation is cyclically operated according to a fixed program. The quenching process is cooled by spray cooling, the rack is subjected to high-frequency quenching, and the workpiece can be rotated or not rotated to suit various processing requirements. The main control adopts the advanced German Siemens 802C dual-axis CNC system, industrial-grade human-machine interface and energy display. The heating process parameters can be set arbitrarily, and the alarm is automatically issued when the process parameter deviates from the limited range of the process parameters.
Rack high frequency quenching machine principle

The principle is: when a certain frequency of alternating current is passed through a conductor coil, an alternating magnetic field of the same frequency will be generated inside and outside the coil. If the workpiece is placed in the coil, the workpiece will induce an alternating current and heat the workpiece. . The distribution of the induced current in the workpiece is not uniform, and the current density is large on the surface, which becomes a "surface effect". The depth of the induced current penetrating the surface of the workpiece depends mainly on the current frequency (weeks per second). The higher the frequency, the shallower the current penetration depth, the thinner the hardened layer. Therefore, different frequencies can be used to achieve different depths of quenching. Hard layer. Where is Suzhou high-frequency heat treatment, plane rack high-frequency quenching, Suzhou where there is a plane rack high-frequency quenching. Feed rate (selected by the controller) is selected: After determining the voltage, amplitude, pulse width and interval, the short-circuit current is measured by artificial short circuit, the rack and pinion is inductively quenched, and then cutting is started, and the control is started. The frequency conversion gear position and tracking knob of the device make the machining current reach 70~75% of the short-circuit current. During the cutting process, the switching of each state should be carried out as much as possible when the wire cylinder is reversed or the high frequency of the high-frequency device is turned off, and the state of the high-frequency device is not greatly adjusted to avoid breaking the wire.

 Haituo high frequency gear quenching machine

· Equipment Name: Gear Hardening Machine

· Equipment model: HT-CHJ

· Equipment power: 15-160KW

· Hardened workpiece size range:

  Shaft type: φ10-300mm L: 50-1500mm

  Gear type: φ20-300mm H: 10-600mm

> Scope of application: quenching and tempering of various workpieces, such as induction quenching of shafts, gears, discs and other parts.

>Main configuration and performance

· [Gear quenching machine] has the functions of continuous quenching, simultaneous quenching, segmental continuous quenching, and simultaneous quenching;

· Frequency control system, servo motor drive, ball screw drive;

· It has two cooling methods: immersion liquid and spray liquid, and can be equipped with integrated quenching liquid circulation cooling system;

· Adopt CNC system or PLC touch screen control, no programming, convenient operation, real-time display, can store 126 programs, focus heating→positioning→spraying and time control on machine tool control system, easily realize workpiece positioning, scanning, and pass PLC Connect with the power supply to achieve fully automated production;

· Repeated positioning accuracy, small size, light weight and easy maintenance;

· Customized semi-automatic/automatic induction hardening machine according to customer's requirements.

The above is about the introduction of the rack high-frequency quenching machine, the equipment uses the advanced two-axis CNC system, the performance is very stable, but also want to know more information, pay more attention to the Haituo electromechanical website!
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