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China smelting furnace manufacturers are safer and more efficient

In the production of large iron and copper factories, the shadow of the melting furnace is often seen, but some people know how to choose a melting furnace? Xiaobian can guide you, then let's take a look at the information about the melting furnace manufacturers. .

Melting furnace product characteristics

The melting furnace is a tool for melting metal. Highly safe, sturdy, high-efficiency, and easy-to-maintain equipment in the melting system. It is designed with upper and lower thick-walled cylinders combined with thick-walled and non-rectangular tube structures. The unique shock-absorbing and top-mounted yoke structure combines steel shell and steel shell furnace. The advantage is to support the coil evenly from all aspects.

The furnace roof and the low refractory casting block of the smelting furnace have a great strength. The furnace platform is customized by refractory materials to protect the furnace platform steel from deformation. The aluminum oxide slurry coating on the surface of the coil is suitable for thickness and durability.

The sturdy yoke and upper and lower Faraday rings guide the induction yoke and collect it into the weld pool; this design eliminates induction heating of the furnace body and the metal outside the furnace. Each cooling water circuit has flow, temperature protection and temperature display capabilities.

The furnace body assembly has a smoking ring.

The furnace cover is combined with various forms of smoking structure to achieve ideal energy saving and environmental protection effects.

The design of the suction ring is safe and reliable, has no moving mechanism, and is easy to install. It is suitable for some feeding methods and production sites where the dust cover cannot be used.

Furnace assembly with front and rear tilting dust cover

The front and rear tilting type dust hood is designed with a solid steel structure. The furnace cover with refractory material is fixed in the middle of the dust hood, and the entire dust hood can be opened by the hydraulic oil cylinder. It is necessary to change the opening direction of the suction hood by operating the position of the locating pin.

The heat loss in the electric furnace smelting process, while the dust hood passes a certain amount of suction air, sucks away dust and exhaust gas, and achieves and improves the exhaust gas discharge effect.

Example: How to configure an aluminum melting furnace

How to melt the 6063 alloy with the melting furnace manufacturer, what kind of furnace is used, this is also crucial, you can choose Haituo Electromechanical. The furnaces used in China are now in the 40s and also in the 1990s. The poor manufacturers use the original boilers. There are coal-burning, oil-burning, gas-burning and electrically heated melting furnaces. Some stoves have chimneys, and some have no chimneys. Generally used are square furnaces (rectangular furnaces), advanced ones are circular furnaces, and some circular furnaces can tilt down aluminum water.

On the tonnage of one ton, two tons, five tons, ten tons, twenty five tons and fifty tons of molten aluminum furnace. More advanced, add a static furnace under the aluminum melting furnace, static furnace is important to prepare 6063 alloy, in which the slag can be degassed, allowed to stand, and then cast aluminum rod for extrusion. The quality of the alloys in the original coal-fired furnaces and modern round furnaces is different.

In general, the furnace should have a chimney regardless of the fuel burned. Most of the waste gas generated from the combustion of the fuel can be discharged from the chimney. If no exhaust pipe waste gas is completely melted in the aluminum water, the aluminum rod for extrusion is cast, and there is a serious slag bubble inside, which is one of the reasons for the poor quality of the aluminum material, which is one of the reasons for the low price of aluminum.

The above is the information about the melting furnace and its manufacturers. After reading it, is there any gain? If you want to know more information, pay more attention to us.

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