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China's medium frequency induction furnace has good electromagnetic stirring effect and saves electricity.

The working frequency of China's medium frequency induction furnace is mainly in the range of 150-10000 Hz. It is mainly used for smelting high-quality steel and special smelting equipment. The medium-frequency induction furnace has the advantages of high production efficiency and fast melting speed. Let me know about the electromechanical Xiaobian!

Medium frequency induction furnace

An induction furnace with a frequency in the range of 150 to 10,000 Hz is called an intermediate frequency induction furnace. The medium frequency induction furnace is a special smelting equipment suitable for smelting high quality steel and alloy. It has the advantages of fast melting speed, high production efficiency, strong adaptability, flexible use, good electromagnetic stirring effect, convenient starting operation, and molten steel covered by slag. The advantages of steel liquid pollution). The complete set of medium frequency induction furnace includes: power supply and electrical control part, furnace part, transmission and water cooling system.

The medium frequency induction furnace is especially suitable for large, medium and small furnaces with a capacity of 10kg and several tens of tons. It is used for smelting and liquid metal insulation of steel, cast iron and non-ferrous metals such as copper and aluminum, and it has strong adaptability to the charge. Intermittent operation, furnace structure and use are similar to power frequency centerless induction furnace. Since the 1970s, with the increasing power and reliability of high efficiency, static and metal-saving thyristor intermediate frequency power supplies, the intermediate frequency furnace has developed rapidly at home and abroad, not only in small and medium capacity, but also in large and large Capacity is also replacing the power frequency heartless induction furnace.

The main features of the product:
◆ Germany Siemens solid-state IGBT frequency conversion and function adjustment, soft switching resonance dual regulation and frequency automatic tracking technology, is a guarantee of high reliability;
◆ Very convenient to install and operate;
◆ Ultra-small size, light weight, movable, covering less than 1 square meter;
◆ 24-hour uninterrupted smelting capacity;
◆ Energy saving;
◆ It is convenient to replace the furnace body with different weight, different materials and different furnace modes to meet various melting requirements;
◆ Adopt ultra-small medium frequency induction heating power supply, which is completely different from traditional intermediate frequency power supply;
◆ Good heat and heat transfer and uniform temperature;
◆ The medium frequency magnetic field has magnetic stirring effect on the molten metal, which is beneficial to the uniform composition and scum;
◆ According to the recommended equipment and maximum melting capacity, the melting time of each furnace is 20-30 minutes.

China medium frequency induction furnace

The medium frequency induction furnace uses a copper tube single-layer roll to form an induction coil, and in the water-cooled induction coil, there is a refractory knotted crucible for accommodating the molten metal. The induction furnace usually consists of four parts: the power supply, the furnace body (mainly the induction coil and the enamel made of refractory material in the induction coil), the capacitor bank (used to improve the power factor), the control and the operating system.

Induction furnace body part

(1) Induction coil induction coil: The induction coil is the heart of the induction furnace. The electromagnetic energy is converted into thermal energy through the induction coil, and the metal charge in the crucible is melted. The rectangular copper tube is wound into a multi-turn coil and has a spiral shape. Spray high-strength insulating varnish and wrap it with insulating tape. Between the intermediate frequency furnace and the crucible, refractory mortar is applied, and a water-cooling ring is arranged above and below the induction coil.

(2) The yoke of the induction furnace: the yoke is stacked by high-quality silicon steel sheets, distributed around the periphery of the induction coil, and functions as a support skeleton, and also acts to restrain the magnetic flux leakage outside the induction coil to prevent the metal components from heating.

(3) Water-cooled cable for induction furnace: Because the tilting furnace frequently causes the broken wire of the water-cooled cable to break, and the connection bolt at the terminal end may loosen, the current imbalance may be caused. Generally, the life of the water-cooled cable is determined to be three years according to the number of times of the furnace. It needs to be replaced after three years. If the bolt is discolored, it needs to be updated and tightened in time.

The above is about the introduction of China's medium frequency induction furnace. The equipment is composed of power supply, furnace body and capacitor group. If you want to know more information, pay more attention to Haituo Electromechanical Website!
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