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China high-frequency quenching equipment gear shaft quenching machine

Automatic quenching machine

The environmental protection and energy saving of fully automatic quenching machine tools has always been one of the goals pursued by the heat treatment industry. Compared with other heating methods, traditional high-frequency quenching induction heating has disadvantages such as high energy consumption and low utilization rate (about 20%-40%). Therefore, it is imperative to carry out energy-saving transformation of high-frequency quenching equipment in the past. Important measures, this not only saves a lot of money, but also avoids the waste caused by the scrapping of the old high-frequency quenching equipment during the replacement, so the skill transformation of the high-frequency quenching equipment is also an important part of the company's income increase and expenditure. .

Quenching machine product structure features

The machine main machine consists of a bed, a double-layer precision workbench, an upper top seat adjustment sliding mechanism, an upper tip assembly, a table movement and transmission system, a spindle rotation and transmission system, a part rotation and an upper tip adjustment mechanism, and a balance, a cover Frame, electrical CNC part and so on.

1. Bed part: The machine tool adopts welded bed structure and is subjected to stress relief annealing as a whole. The surface of the main exposed parts is specially treated and has good anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties.

2, the top adjustment mechanism: the upper tip adjustment adopts electric adjustment, which can realize the clamping of workpieces of different lengths.

3. Workbench system: The stepping motor drives the ball screw through the shifting mechanism to realize the lifting movement of the upper table. The moving speed is steplessly adjustable, the transmission is light, the guiding precision is high, and the positioning is accurate.

4. Spindle rotation system: The asynchronous motor drives the spindle to rotate through the shifting mechanism and the drive shaft. Variable frequency speed regulation is adopted to realize stepless adjustment of part speed.

5. Cover frame: The cover frame is made of thick steel plate. Well-made, beautiful appearance and generous color. The upper part of the cover frame is provided with a glass window and a sliding door, which can prevent the splashing of the cooling water, and is convenient for loading and unloading parts and monitoring the quenching process.

6. Electrical control part: The electric control part is composed of numerical control system, frequency converter, intermediate relay, etc. The power supply line: 3 phase, 380V, 1.5Kw; can store more than 20 kinds of parts quenching process, through the numerical control keyboard Programmatically store various programs. The machine tool has functions such as power failure protection and off-site protection, and has high safety and reliability.

It is suitable for quenching and tempering of various workpieces, such as induction quenching of shafts, gears, discs and other parts.

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