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China guangdong induction heating equipment which is better? Brand quality reputation is more reliable?

When it comes to induction heating equipment, many people still have a better understanding. In daily life, there are many places that people need to use, and even some households will use it. So the manufacturers in Dongguan who are better at induction heating equipment are Which one? The following excellent energy-saving small series will bring you to understand the relevant information of Guangdong Dongguan induction heating equipment.

First, the induction heating equipment information is described in detail.
The working principle is that a primary coil with a larger number of coil turns and a secondary coil with a smaller number of coils are mounted on the same core. The ratio of the input voltage to the output voltage is equal to the ratio of the turns of the coil, while the energy remains the same. Therefore, the secondary coil forms a large current under the premise of a low voltage. For induction heaters, the bearing is a short-circuited, single-turn secondary coil that passes a large current at a lower AC voltage, creating very large heat. The heater itself and the yoke remain at normal temperature.
Second, the working principle.
It is the use of metal materials to form eddy current effects in alternating electromagnetic fields, which causes self-heating, and is generally used in metal heat treatment. The principle is that when a relatively thick metal material is in an alternating electromagnetic field, a current is formed due to an electromagnetic induction phenomenon. When a relatively thick metal material forms a current, the current forms a spiral flow path inside the metal material, so that the heat generated by the current flow is absorbed by the metal material itself, which causes the metal material to rapidly heat up. When the magnetic flux surrounded by the conductor loop changes, an induced potential is generated in the loop. Similarly, the conductor in the alternating magnetic field is also induced by the electromagnetic induction to generate an induced current in the conductor (eddy current) ), the induced current overcomes the resistance of the conductor itself to generate Joule heat, and the heat is used to heat the conductor itself to warm it up and melt, thereby achieving various heat processing purposes, which is the principle of medium frequency induction heating.

Guangdong Dongguan induction heating equipment which is better? Brand quality reputation is more reliable?
Dongguan induction heating equipment

Third, the composition is detailed.
Induction heating equipment is generally a device consisting of heating electronic components and auxiliary components. A glass fiber reinforced refractory fiber layer is wound around a plurality of electric resistance wire copper strands, and a wire reinforced refractory fiber layer is woven outside the refractory fiber layer, and a double-layer package which is closely combined and distributed along the entire length of the resistance wire copper stranded wire The coating and the central resistance wire copper stranded wire constitute an integral direct heating monomer which can be bent at random and can be in close contact with the heated member, and the heating monomer is repeatedly formed by the shape and size of the heating object. The strip is shaped, and then a plurality of juxtaposed monomers are laterally woven together by a wire to form a woven type high-temperature electric heater which can be directly used for wrapping on the object to be heated.

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