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Causes and preventive measures of quenching cracks in shaft type high frequency quenching equipment

Shaft quenching

Shaft type high-frequency quenching equipment is a kind of equipment frequently used in the machinery industry. It is widely used in many fields, but the shaft parts will have quenching cracks in high-frequency quenching. Today, Haituo electromechanical shaft high-frequency quenching equipment manufacturers For everyone to simply answer the reasons for cracks and preventive measures, I hope to help everyone in the future work.

Reasons for quenching cracks in shaft type high frequency quenching equipment:

1. The shape and size of the workpiece are not uniform, the structure design is unreasonable or the shape is complex, the size is changed or the quenching part is rough, or there are structural factors such as grooves, holes, sharp corners, key grooves, edges, etc., the temperature is too high or local overheating, Especially in the positions of sharp corners and small holes, the thermal stress and the tissue stress after quenching are large, resulting in the occurrence of quenching cracks.

2. The heating temperature is not uniform, or the tempering of the workpiece is not timely. When re-quenching, it is directly quenched without annealing; the quenching medium is improperly selected and the cooling rate is too large.

3. Because the heating temperature is too fast or too high, the cooling is too fast or the operation is not standardized, the medium is improperly selected, the design of the cooler is poor, and the cooling is uneven.

4. There are problems in the selection of the composition content, temperature and pressure of the cooling medium; the mechanical stress before quenching is large, no pre-heat treatment is performed, the processing is rough, and there are serious knife marks.

5. There are quality defects in the raw materials (uneven organization, segregation of components, large non-metallic inclusions, internal cracks, severe network or banded carbides, etc.), the material hardening performance is too high, and the carbon content of the steel Above the upper limit.


For the above reasons for quenching cracks in shaft-type high-frequency quenching equipment, the following precautions should be taken:

1. Improve the structural form of the workpiece. No burrs or severe scratches are allowed on the parts before quenching. Block the holes with copper plugs, adjust the temperature or slowly heat to avoid the above bad design.

2. Reasonably select the heating specification, strengthen the inspection of raw materials, and strictly control the composition of the steel to perform forging or spheroidizing annealing treatment.

3. De-stressing annealing treatment before induction hardening to eliminate stress concentration parts such as knife marks; timely tempering after high-frequency quenching, furnace or self-tempering method, high-frequency quenching after normalizing or annealing.

4. The technical requirements for controlling the cooling medium are in accordance with the requirements of the process. If necessary, the process test is carried out to improve the design of the inductor and the cooling system, so that the water spray holes are arranged reasonably, and a suitable cooling medium is selected to reduce the water spray pressure.

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