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Basic knowledge of annealing process in heat treatment production

What is annealing?
The heat treatment process of heating the metal or alloy to a suitable temperature for a certain period of time and then slowly cooling (generally cooling with the furnace) is called annealing.
The essence of annealing is to heat the steel to austenitization and then transform the pearlite. The annealed structure is close to the equilibrium structure.
Purpose of annealing:
(1) Reducing the hardness of steel, improving plasticity, and facilitating machining and cold deformation processing;
(2) The chemical composition and structure of uniform steel, refine grains, improve the properties of steel or organize the quenching
(3) Eliminate internal stress and work hardening to prevent deformation and cracking.
Annealing and normalizing are mainly used for preliminary heat treatment. Annealing and normalizing can also be used as final heat treatment for parts with low force and low performance requirements.


Classification of annealing methods
Commonly used annealing methods are divided into heating temperatures:
Phase change recrystallization annealing above critical temperature (Ac1 or Ac3): complete annealing, diffusion annealing, incomplete annealing, spheroidizing annealing.
Annealing below the critical temperature (Ac1 or Ac3): recrystallization annealing, stress relief annealing.
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