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Analysis and comparison of 5 common heat treatment techniques

1. Controlled atmosphere heat treatment
The controlled atmosphere heat treatment is mainly anti-oxidation and decarburization, and precise control of carburizing and nitriding. It was applied to industrial production in the late 1980s. Today, the speed of development and the wide range of applications are amazing.
2, vacuum heat treatment
Salt bath quenching is limited by the environment and has been in the setting sun. The application and development of vacuum heat treatment technology has been further improved and promoted. It has the characteristics of no oxidation, no decarburization, clean and bright surface of the workpiece after quenching, high wear resistance, no pollution, and high degree of automation. Vacuum annealing, vacuum degassing, vacuum oil quenching, vacuum water quenching, vacuum gas quenching, vacuum tempering and vacuum carburizing are widely used in industrial production. In recent years, with the advent of high-pressure gas-quenching vacuum furnaces, vacuum quenching of high-speed steel tools has become a reality.
3. Induction heat treatment and ion nitriding heat treatment technology
Induction heat treatment is widely used in the automotive industry, engineering machinery, petrochemical industry, etc. with high efficiency, energy saving, cleanliness and flexibility. Nearly 40% of automotive parts can be inductively heat treated, such as crankshafts, gears, universal joints, and half shafts. Wait. With induction heating, many products can be processed into fully automatic or semi-automatic production lines to improve the stability of product quality, reduce labor intensity and beautify the working environment. The domestic development of Zui is the induction heating power supply, the old-fashioned electronic shock tube has completed its historical mission, replaced by a full transistor. The microcomputer is used to control the power supply to adjust the power supply, the regulation is stable and convenient, the precision is high, and the interference to the harmonics of the power grid is greatly reduced.

4. Quenching medium and cooling technology
The ideal quenching medium should have the following characteristics: (1) Quality type: fast cooling in the high temperature stage and slow cooling in the low temperature stage. That is to eliminate cracks and reduce quenching deformation. (2) Environmental protection type: no toxic, harmful smoke or gas volatilization, not easy to burn, easy to clean after quenching, no corrosion to equipment, no irritating to burn skin. (3) Stable type: The performance of the workpiece is uniform and stable after quenching, and the medium itself is stable in a certain period of time. (4) Economic type: high quality and good price, low energy consumption.
In recent years, quenching media has developed very rapidly. The performance of quenching oil is improved, and the research and application of organic polymer quenching medium has reached unprecedented development.
5. Adopt new surface strengthening technology and heat treatment to promote nitrogen-based atmosphere
The original tool surface treatment method is limited to old methods such as steam treatment and oxynitridation, and generally only increases the tool life by 30% to 50%. Since the 1980s, China has independently developed and introduced QPQ salt bath composite treatment technology and PVD titanium oxide physical coating technology from abroad. The former can stably improve the tool life by 2~3 times, the equipment is simple, the cost is low, and it is especially suitable for dry ordinary tools; the latter can improve the tool life by 3~5 times, and is suitable for dry various precious and valuable gear cutters.
Nitrogen-based atmosphere, used for protection heat treatment and chemical heat treatment, can achieve non-oxidative decarburization heat treatment, and can avoid heat treatment nitrogen brittleness, chemical heat treatment of nitrogen-based atmosphere, can reduce defects such as internal oxidation, and improve the quality of chemical heat treatment.
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