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Advantages and application range of ultra-high frequency induction heating equipment

Ultra-high frequency induction heating equipment is a machine for surface hardening and is widely used in industrial metal parts. What are the advantages of the UHF induction heating device? What is the scope of the application? Dongguan Haituo Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. explains it in detail for you.

First, the basic principle of ultra-high frequency induction heating
The product workpiece is placed in the heating coil inductor, and the heating coil sensor is generally made of a circular or square hollow core copper tube. When the product is in the coil, the alternating electromagnetic field generates an induced current of the same frequency in the product workpiece. The distribution of the induced current in the product workpiece is not evenly distributed, and the surface is strong, while the inside is weak, to the core. Close to 0, using this pulse current, the surface of the product workpiece can be heated rapidly, and the surface temperature rises to 800-1000oC in a few seconds, while the core temperature rises little.
Ultra high frequency induction heating equipment

Second, the advantages of ultra-high frequency induction heating equipment
1. Select the world-renowned enterprise Siemens IGBT power electronic device and unique inverter technology, 满负荷 load continuation rate design concept, start operation at maximum power for 24 hours, and its high reliability guarantees quality.
2. The automatic control type can adjust the heating time, heating power, holding time, heat preservation power and cooling time; further improve the quality of the heating product and the repeatability of heating, simplifying the actual operation technology of the workers.
3, light weight, small equipment, easy installation and operation, connect 380V three-phase power, water, water can be, more than ten minutes can be completed.
4, the floor space is small, the operation skills are simple and easy to use, more than ten minutes to learn.
5, very safe and reliable, the output working voltage is less than 36V, eliminating the danger of high-voltage electric shock accidents.
6, the heating efficiency is up to 90%, the energy consumption is only 20%-30% of the high frequency of the old-fashioned tube, basically no power in the standby state, and can continue to work for 24 hours.
7. The sensor can be disassembled and replaced at will for a short time, and the ultra-short time heating greatly reduces the oxidative deformation of the product workpiece.
8. New green environmental protection products that replace the heating of dangerous goods such as oxygen, acetylene and coal, and no open flame production is safer and more secure.
9. The machine has a fully automatic protection function module with over-current, over-voltage, over-temperature, water shortage and lack of equal, and is equipped with a fault self-diagnosis alarm system.
10. The machine has a constant current and constant power control function module, which greatly optimizes the metal heating process, achieves efficient and short-time heating, and the superior performance of the product is fully exerted.

Ultra-high frequency induction heating equipment has high working frequency (minimum 0.1mm for heat welding), small equipment, light weight, environmental protection and energy saving (70% energy saving than glass ceramic tube high frequency machine), and the welding point is firm and beautiful. Exquisite and exquisite, the shape of the welded parts is basically unrestricted, the surface layer is not easily damaged, the internal crystal structure of the metal material is unchanged, the annealing range is small, and there is no obvious soldering, which is widely used in the metal glasses manufacturing industry, the electrical and electronic industry. Connector soldering, non-contact soldering inside small relays, high pressure soldering in the refrigeration industry, soldering in various parts of the jewelry industry and welding of metal materials and process manufacturing. The most representative product in mainland China is the htg-2 UHF machine produced by Dongguan Haituo. The oscillation frequency is 1.5MHZ.
 Ultra high frequency induction heating equipment
Third, the application range of ultra-high frequency induction heating equipment
1. Carbide saw blade size tooth welding
2. Spectacle frame, spare parts welding annealing
3. Jewelry Watch Welding
4.Electronics industry (very fine wire, various electronic components, fine parts, soldering, silver soldering)
5. Electromechanical industry (fine metal joint silver brazing micro motor shaft quenching and tempering)
6. Wire industry (wire strip annealing)
7. Tool welding, paper cutter, shoe knife edge quenching
8. Toy industry (spring metal sheet tempered)

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