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A selection guide for furnaces commonly used for metal heat treatment

The so-called metal heat treatment refers to a process in which a metal workpiece is heated to a certain temperature and then rapidly cooled by a medium such as water or oil.
The furnace type of metal heat treatment should be determined according to different process requirements and the type of workpiece. What are the common furnace types for metal heat treatment?
1. For those that cannot be batch-formed, the workpieces are not equal in size, and there are many types, which require versatility and versatility in the process. Box furnaces can be selected.
2. When heating long shafts and long screws, pipes and other workpieces, you can use deep-well electric furnace.
3. For small batches of carburized parts, a well type gas carburizing furnace can be selected.
4. For the production of large quantities of automobiles, tractor gears and other parts, continuous carburizing production line or box type multi-purpose furnace can be selected.
5. For the mass production of stamping sheet blanks, the rolling furnace and the roller bottom furnace are selected.
6. For batches of shaped parts, the push rod type or belt type resistance furnace (push rod furnace or cast strip furnace) can be selected for production.
7, small mechanical parts such as: screws, nuts, etc. can be used with vibrating bottom furnace or mesh belt furnace.
8. For the heat treatment of steel balls and rollers, an inner spiral rotary tube furnace can be used.
9. Non-ferrous metal ingots can be used in large-scale production with push-rod furnaces, and non-ferrous metal small parts and materials can be repeatedly heated by air.
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