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40cr steel high frequency quenching hardness technical requirements

40cr steel high frequency quenching hardness technical requirements

What is 40Cr?

40Cr is the standard steel grade of China GB, and 40Cr steel is one of the most widely used steels in machinery manufacturing. After quenching and tempering treatment, it has good comprehensive mechanical properties, good low temperature impact toughness and low notch sensitivity.

The steel has good hardenability, and can be hardened to 28 to 60 mm when water quenching, and hardened to 15 to 40 mm when oil quenching. This steel is also suitable for cyanidation and high frequency quenching in addition to quenching and tempering. The cutting performance is good. When the hardness is 174 to 229HB, the relative machinability is 60%. The steel is suitable for making medium plastic molds.

China's GB standard steel number is 40Cr, Germany DIN standard material number 1.17035/1.7045, Germany DIN standard steel number 41Cr4/42Gr4, British EN standard steel number 18, British BS standard steel number 41Cr4, French AFNOR standard steel number 42C4, France NF Standard steel number 38Cr4/41Cr4, Italy UNI standard steel number 41Cr4, Belgium NBN standard steel number 42Cr4, Sweden SS standard steel number 2245, American AISI/SAE/ASTM standard steel number 5140, Japan JIS standard steel number SCr440(H)/SCr440 ISO standard steel number 41Cr4.

What is the hardness requirement of 40Cr?

The hardness after 40Cr quenching and tempering is probably between HRC32-36, that is, between HB301-340.

40Cr-830-860 °C oil quenching -> 55HRC

150 ° C tempering - 55HRC

200 ° C tempering - 53HRC

300 ° C tempering - 51HRC

400 ° C tempering - 43HRC

500 ° C tempering - 34HRC

550 ° C tempering - 32HRC

600 ° C tempering - 28HRC

650 ° C tempering - 24HRC

 Can 40cr be quenched by high frequency?

60-100KHz high-frequency machine, can be quenched, using continuous quenching method, quenching to HRC55-60, 180 °C tempering, get HRC45-50. By adjusting the speed and temperature, very good treatment. We use a 100KHz high frequency machine with a speed of 40cm/min and a quenching depth of 0.8-1.2mm to process the 40Cr shaft.

40cr material high frequency or medium frequency quenching maximum hardness:

The hardness after quenching can reach HRC48~53, the effective hardening depth of high frequency quenching is 0.5~2 mm, and the effective hardening depth of intermediate frequency quenching is 2~10 mm. If the workpiece is not subjected to distortion and pressure load, quenching is enough. .
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