What is Induction Heating ? | How to choose induction heating equipment ?
 induction heating equipment  induction heating equipment  induction heating equipment
Industry application
Induction heating

Induction heating

Electromagnetic induction is used to generate electric current inside the material to be heated, and the energy of these eddy currents is used for heating purposes.

Hot forging

Hot forging

The workpiece is heated to a certain temperature to produce plastic deformation to obtain a certain mechanical property, and the forging press is used to apply pressure to the blank. The hot fit is to heat the outer part to a certain temperature so that it can be loosely placed outside the inner part.

Welding brazing

Welding brazing

A new welding process that uses the skin effect and adjacent effects generated by high-frequency currents to butt other metal materials of the same or different types. Symmetrical shape weldment for welding steel, copper, stainless steel, superalloys, etc.



It is suitable for quenching and tempering of various workpieces, such as induction quenching of shafts, gears, discs and other parts!



Suitable for heating and melting of metals and precious metals such as steel, stainless steel, iron, copper, brass, gold, silver, aluminum, and combination gold.



Suitable for weld annealing after welding, wire, tube, sheet bright annealing, post-stretching annealing of stainless steel vessels.

Introduction to the process and role of brazing equipment
What are the uses of brazing equipment? Brazing equipment is the working principle. Welders believe that everyone has heard it, and there are many kinds of electric welding equipment in their hands, such as dry welding, oxygen weld...
High-frequency induction brazing welding theory knowledge and advantages
High-frequency brazing refers to heating the weld to the temperature at which the alloy solder melts by heating, but at this time the welded metal still does not reach the melting temperature, and the low-melting alloy bonds the tw...
Length dimension affecting induction hardening
High-frequency quenching is mostly used for surface quenching of industrial metal parts. It is a metal heat treatment method that produces a certain induced current on the surface of the workpiece, rapidly heats the surface of the ...

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